What do we normally expect when we assign our project to the team?

A revert back response immediately.

A strong wish and accommodation to adjust your time table without disturbing any of the client’s schedule.

100% dedication

200% commitment.

A passion to strive.

I found all this in Madhavi Ganpule, my Marathi Vo artist who takes charge of all the above mentioned qualities and is one among the best artistes, human I have come across. Kreativ Solution wishes you a successful journey Best Wishes for a new beginning. –ShubhMangala , Director KreativSolutions, Bangalore

 Ms. Madhavi Ganpule is associated with our organization as a freelance Voiceover Artist and Sound Coordinator. We appreciate her dedication and time bound approach towards the assigned deliverables. Needless to say that she is very hardworking, sincere and a result oriented person. We wish her success I all her future endeavors –Pramod Gaonkar- BirlaShloka Edutech Ltd.         

 “Madhavi has contributed many Marathi audio books to our site http://boltipustake.blogspot.com. She has an excellent voice and delivery, which she can adapt to the subject matter. She actively seeks feedback on her work and is eager to improve and correct whenever required. She is passionate about widening her skills in other languages as well and has taken extra steps to become a fluent speaker of Hindi and Urdu. She has become one of the most prolific contributors of our voluntary run project which is a testament to her dedication to the chosen career. I have no hesitation in recommending Madhavi as a First class Voice Artist to anyone looking for a dependable and high-quality professional.” AnandVartak-  boltipustake.blogspot.com   

 It’s almost two years when I first listened to Madhavi’s voice. She has voiced many Urdu and Hindi stories on Radio Playback India. She brings the character to life while narrating a story. I also got a chance to listen to Vinoba Bhave’s Marathi lectures on Geeta in her voice. She is a talented voice-over artist. She is well-versed with the technology and is fluent in Marathi, Hindi, and Urdu. Her voice is amazingly sweet and melodious with appropriate modulation and variation complemented with flawless accent. She is a sincere, hardworking, and professional who is always open to learn more and go beyond the expectations. I wish her success in future efforts. – Anurag Sharma- Radioplaybackindia.com

” I have professionally known Madhavi for several years as a co-artiste. She is spontaneous and has very clear voice and diction. She always strives to go deep into character and the subject of the script and always come out of recording studio with flying colours.

I wish her all the best and may she achieve greatest success in her chosen field of endeavor .”

Rajesh Jha – Voiceover Artist