Special Projects

Google Text to Speech– Madhavi has lent her voice to a special project of Google Text to Speech in Marathi Language which was carried out by Mumbai University’s Linguistics department in collaboration with TIFR.

Audio Books– Madhavi has contributed to recording of many audio books ranging from elearning to  Classics. She has recorded audio books or audio stories for NAB, Snehankit Pune, and Snehankit , Mumbai and for online site like http://radioplaybackindia.blogspot.in/, http://boltipustake.blogspot.in and http://www.vinobabhave.org/

Katha Kathan– Madhavi has been one of the founder member of a group  named Katha Kathan which  aims at reviving of Indian regional languages. It introduces the classic literature as well as some hidden literary gems in Indian Regional Languages. She presents stories in Marathi, Hindi and Urdu languages.

Marathi Adaptations of Urdu srories-This is a project through which audios / videos of Marathi literary adaptations of Urdu stories will be made available to people on  you tube by Madhavi through Katha Kathan Channel