Madhavi is a resourceful Voice Over Artist based in Mumbai.
She is in voice acting for more than 10 years.  She has the capability of producing a variety of voices irrespective of the emotions, age and character pattern and the nature of voicing. Her voicing range varies from a TTS project which demands sheer fluency of language without any drama to an extreme melodramatic character voice with a wide variety of expressions. Apart from studio recordings she enjoys being a co-founder and a stage performer for her ‘Katha Kathan’ group which aims at reviving Indian languages.
She has been doing voice-overs for Corporate films,  Commercials, Radio Spots,  Radio Dramas, Radio Show Hosting, Promos, Digital Video Games, eLearning, IVR, Narrations, Characters, Language based special projects. She has sung  jingles, poems and a few songs in dramas.
She started off with voice over for eLearning projects and later started coordinating elearning VO projects with her own team of voice artists along with voicing in other areas too. She does  voicing in Marathi, Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu languages with a perfect blend of diction and intonation as per the language.
She has been appreciated by her clients for perfect diction, smooth texture,  musical and smiling voice. As a professional she is known to be genuine, efficient, timely in her performance.