Normally I avoid to attend light music programs where I have to listen to old songs in some other singer’s voice. As the memories of the yesteryear songs are so deep that their tunes, the original singer’s voice are unforgettable. May be I am biased in this case. But sometimes we have also got surprises that a new singer sings the same song more beautiful than the original singer. I remember one example of a title song of an old Marathi Serial which was sung much better by Vibhavari Apte than the original singer. Here I do not want to express my love for yesteryear singers and just criticise the newcomers. Its just about the originality, variety and individual style that every artist should follow.

Generally while singing famous songs, people tend to overlook the limitations of their own voice. Every singer is not able to sing the same song in the original scale which might be at a higher pitch. But somehow to gain that effectiveness actually he or she tend to loose the beauty of that song by screaming. They tend to do the same mistake for years and damage their very own distinctive voice. If the singer is able to tap the beauty of his or her voice he or she will wisely choose the songs suitable to his or her voice.

Whether its singing or voice over, if everybody wish to sing like Lata and Rafi and cultivate voices like Amitabh and Gulzar, then more aand more copycats will be produced.

We do need to have ideals to learn the art, to gain inspiration from, to get directions to go ahead. Still finally the artist should respect his own potential, aware of his limitations and accordingly develop his own style and create his own audience.

What I liked about Voice Over field is that I never found that labelling of good or bad voice anywhere. The uniqueness of every voice is always appreciated here . So why not just focus on what we already have rather than blindly follow somebody’s footsteps?

Madhavi Ganpule

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