May it be a 15 day workshop or a yearlong training, we are always enthusiastic about everything that is happening around and feel that we have learnt a terrific new skill and rather we have hold on it. Actually when that learning period is over. Slowly we start losing the grip. We have to understand one thing that this is the beginning of the real learning and it has to be rehearsed and rehearsed on everyday basis.

What is it that motivates us throughout such workshops in real sense? Is it that constant push by the trainer? Is it that social connection we develop with our classmates or visiting professionals? Is it that lively environment at the learning place? Are these the first few in-house performances that give you the feel that yess!! I can become a VO artist? Or is it the real passion that keeps you in the flow throughout.

I have seen few people complaining about how the trainers are not giving any further opportunities to begin the earning and unfortunately they end up saying how the training itself was not worth. The trainer did not give any contacts etc. and out of desperation they start bothering others about giving as them new opportunities.

Although none of the training make masters as such but definitely these trainings are not worthless also as they give us some direction about how we can cultivate our potential properly. Any training for that matter brings us up to a certain point from where we have to begin our own journey of further development with the help of the given guidelines. Constant Practice, lifelong learning and updating ourselves is must for better performance.

I think the first and foremost learning for all of new VO aspirants will be that they themselves have to make lot of efforts. Nothing comes ready on platter.

In other words, carry on with the same ‘positive energy vibes’ of your actual learning place and move ahead to get more in the real world of learning. But keep the learning vibes ‘on’ throughout.

Madhavi Ganpule

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