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Human anatomy, Physiology, Phonetics, Phonolgy,, Musicology, Psychology  and sociology contribute to the study of Voice as the factors affecting our voice are related to these. We have options to work on our anatomical structural problems by way of surgery or rigorous exercises. Phonetics, Phonology and Musicology too have tremendous options for us to train our voice. So the only factors on which we do not have a complete control are psychology and sociology.

Social conditioning is a very important factor in the voice development. In my childhood, when we were staying at Officer’s quarters, I found all our neighbours too formal. I found that they are very careful about their behavioural patterns. The way they talk and usage of language. Whereas some of my friends who were from a chawl system were quite free in their talks. We find this difference bertween a person staying in Urban area and a person staying in rural area.

The child rearing patterns and psychological health of the family directly affects our voice. If there is unfriendly atmosphere in the family or if there are lot of problems within the family members, it affects the child’s personality development. It takes years to compensate this loss. There is a tremendous impact of all this on our voice. Particularly people who have gone through such conditions have some weak factors in their voice delivery. It is the lack of exposure, the fear, the frustration, the depression, behavioural complexes which reflect in our voice. We do have options like Councelling to overcome these weaknesses. Councelling also shows a direction. It helps to a certain level after which we have to fight our own battle with a strog determination and  self motivation. Otherwise the personality will reflect in the voice and we will not be able to maintain the distance etween personal life and professional performance.

I have seen many untrained artists who might have lack of technical or theoretical knowledge of the profession. But it does not become a major hurdle in their delivery. It is the openness, confidence and flexibility in their personality due to which they give 100% full throttle performance. No inhibitions… No Consciousness.. Its a pure, crystal clear performance. rather a sheer holistic performance.


Madhavi Ganpule


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