When a child is born the first thing he does is to cry. This is how he establishes his connection with this world by his voice. We take our first breath and exhale it through our voice. .. and its automatic and natural. Thus we have the ability of using our voice to convey our message  since birth. As we grow up.. we learn many types and forms of voices.. A child in fact listens to all the elders around him and starts learning language step by step. First words.. then sentences, and so on. Thus we develop the spoken language through a process of communication.…. And voice is the basis of this development.


Voice is a gift of nature just like our other sensory abilities. On the whole it is an integral part of our individuality.

Thin voice, heavy voice, hoarse voice, open voice, sharp voice, base voice and…. there are many more such categories.  In children, all voices sound sweet. What happens to them in the course of time? Do we do justice to everything that we have got as a gift from nature? Change in the voice as per age is  a natural phenomenon. Every person having a different voice is also a wonder of nature. Ofcourse human anatomy also has its role in shaping the voice.

Voice defines a personality. Many professionals do know how to use their voices effectively. If not, then they learn by training. But many a times, in this sophistication process, people tend to bring in artificial tone in their voice.

Generally people are unaware of the strength of their natural voice. I feel it is not the voice but it is the tone of our voice that  matters. So the first step towards being aware of our voice is to listen to our own voice and to know how we use it. Isn’t that a wonderful learning??

Madhavi Ganpule

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